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Your Bridge from College to Career!

For students finishing college and moving to a career, taking the next steps can seem overwhelming. Even with guidance, students rarely have the opportunity to explore a wide range of careers before graduation. But what if students could conveniently gain access to thousands of industry professionals all in one place?

Giving students access to Candid Career can help them make the right career decision and succeed. Our platform features video interviews with industry professionals, giving students a realistic view of a particular path from college to career. Our videos include professionals from a wide variety of industries, and our library continues to grow. Candid Career is a valuable, online, supplemental resource that you can offer your students in addition to your current services. Our videos provide industry insight for college students to discover career information that is critical to their success.

Our subscription-based platform is available in two ways:

CandidCareer.com  - All Access

Our All Access service includes access to every video on our website. Thousands of our videos are informational interviews with industry professionals. The professionals we've interviewed offer an honest, in-depth look at what their jobs entail and what it takes to be successful. Other videos in our library include:

With this career planning tool college students will find several ways to explore industries, job titles, and college majors represented in the Candid Career video library. Our site also offers online access, whenever, wherever, making the transition from college to career as seamless as possible.

AlumNet  - School Branded Version

AlumNet is a school-branded platform that provides advice specifically from your successful alumni. The career planning tips are for college students, high school students and other alumni. Through AlumNet, alumni have the chance to give back to the school by providing an informational interview and career-related advice.. Our coaching platform fosters alumni-student connections and strengthens school communities as well as offering tangible insight from those who have already transitioned from college to career life. The coaching platform allows your users to connect with alumni to ask follow-up questions about their video interview or seek more tailored career guidance. AlumNet assists with current career planning options for college students and high school students, and alumni participation makes it a hugely impactful resource.

The additional school branding on your AlumNet platform includes school colors, logo, images and creates consistency and easy integration with your official college or university website. Full access to our “All Access” library of thousands of career videos and the filming of your alumni are included with the purchase of AlumNet.

What are Schools Saying about Candid Career?

Empowers Students

Connecting your high school or college to Candid Career conveniently puts job exploration and career planning in the hands of college students and high school students as well as alumni career changers. Many students face anxiety about the job market and impending job search. With our college to career videos, students can proactively learn about their options and become successful in spite of a lack of professional connections, potential discomfort with networking, or a busy schedule.

Schools that use Candid Career report that students come to understand that there are far more career options than they thought. Our "How to" videos also advise students on universal job search topics, including resume writing, interviewing, internships, and salary negotiation.

Convenient Features

Our platform allows students to search by keyword, industry, career title, college major, and city/state. Candid Career isn't limited to career planning for college and high school students or alumni. School staff can also utilize our content in a number of ways. You can easily embed our videos strategically on your website, share our videos via social media or email blasts, stream to televisions, feature them in presentations and much more.

Fun to Use

Students actually enjoy using Candid Career's platform and watching videos relevant to their career interests. Videos remain a popular format among students. Our videos are broken into short segments that hold students' attention and provide the option to skip ahead to other interview segments that the student may be interested in watching.

Easy 24/7 Access

Our career planning resource for college students or high school students as well as alumni is available at any time of day. The platform is optimized for mobile use, so students can watch these videos anywhere, anytime.

Our extensive college to career video library is a ready-made resource to get your students started on their career exploration journey. To see Candid Career’s full product offerings and services for yourself, contact us today for a free demo.