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It's not very exciting reading through stacks of books or perusing career websites for information, nor is it the most efficient use of your valuable time.

Candid Career makes career exploration an enjoyable experience! Take some time to browse our career profiles and get-hired samples for insights that will help you in your career search. And if you like those, we have 1000s more if you’d like to get serious about your search!

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Starting your career search on your own?

Our informational interview collection gives you first-hand job information through an interview in video format from those already in the field. Pick your industry, your field of interest, and browse our video library to enhance your career search.

Videos enable you to connect with the speaker. To hear their words and see their face as they speak passionately about the job they do. Their experiences are real and the videos portray it The informational interview style offers something that you just can't get from reading a page of text.

Looking for a career search resource to provide to your college students?

A group subscription to Candid Career gives your students access to thousands of job specific informational interview videos and advice videos on getting hired to help prepare them for their job search and transition from your institution.

Taking the step from college to career can be challenging, but providing your students with access to this type of industry information can set them up for success. You can even incorporate your own school brand and alumni to make the message more personal.

Searching for a way to recruit the right candidates for your business?

Recruiting candidates can be stressful and ineffective, but Candid Career offers a never-before-seen video platform that allows you to customize the information you want to distribute to your pool of potential employees.

Creating a business profile with Candid Career allows you to control the company informational, promotional and job interview videos that are shared with our users. These users can find your branded business videos and learn exactly what they need to know about your business and what you are looking for in an employee.

Videos, Value, and Authenticity

Candid Career videos showcase real people in real careers giving real advice.

Candid Career offers both individual and group subscriptions so that job seekers and current students have access to thousands of video interviews, and so that businesses can customize their recruiting strategies.