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Privacy Policy


We at Candid Career are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.

What happens when I Sign Up?

Personal information requested of you is for the purpose of enhancing your experience with Candid Career. Our video library is available in full to anyone who signs up for CandidCareer.com. We ask all of our users to "Sign Up" upon arrival to our site. This "Sign Up" is based on a monthly or yearly fee and will allow you to create a personalized briefcase in which your favorite videos may be easily tagged and stored for later use, or shared with a friend via email. In addition, signing up will enable you to receive updates from us regarding new career videos that have been uploaded to the website, company news, content updates, and feature enhancements. You do have the option to choose not to receive email updates from our site. The information required for "Sign Up" is standard (Name, Email, Date of Birth, Phone, Gender, City, and State.) This information will remain private and be kept in our Candid Career database with the utmost discretion. Candid Career does however maintain the right to divulge to third parties demographic information such as your Gender, City, State, and Date of Birth for the purpose of research and analysis. You will not be personally identified in this analysis and your Name, Email, and Phone Number will remain confidential.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Candid Career maintains the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy from time to time due to a number of circumstances including but not limited to: Updates in the scope of services and features offered by Candid Career, a change and/or revision in applicable laws and regulations related to Candid Career's business practices, and/or various industry initiatives. If a change to our Privacy Policy is made, you will be notified immediately via a posting on our site, or the email address that you provided us with.

What if I have questions or concerns?

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@candidcareer.com

Terms of Use

Disclosure Statement

Candid Career is a video based website that allows individuals to share their own personal career thoughts and experiences for the benefit of those wishing to learn about different careers and what those careers entail. Candid Career conducts in-person interviews with professionals as well as allowing for individuals to record and upload their thoughts via our "video upload" feature found on CandidCareer.com. We at Candid Career encourage the practice of both to ensure a steady flow of quality content to our site.

All video and written content submitted to Candid Career is reviewed for language and relevance prior to its being posted on the site. This is to ensure a positive experience for all visitors to our site. With that said, Candid Career maintains that the thoughts and opinions shared within our career videos solely reflect those of the particular interviewee/individual who has participated in an in-person video interview or uploaded to our site. The thoughts, opinions, and advice do not necessarily reflect those of Candid Career or its staff, and Candid Career shall not be held responsible for the divulgence of any information found within videos posted on CandidCareer.com.