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Gain access to the career advice of industry professionals, and see it all on video! CandidCareer.com features informational interviews to help you discover and explore your many career options. In addition, our get hired "how-to" videos on important job search topics such as resume writing, and interviewing will help you prepare to land your next job!

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AlumNet - School Branded Version

Give your students the chance to learn from alumni, and alumni the chance to give back to the school that meant so much to them! AlumNet is your very own school branded version of CandidCareer.com. Your students will gain career knowledge from a full video library of alumni informational interviews. In addition, students can connect with alums for follow-up questions and further guidance through our career coaching platform. This product comes branded with your school colors and logo and includes access to CandidCareer.com at no additional charge.

Company Profile Pages

Tired of spending time and money on recruiting and not getting the candidates you want? Tired of traveling to career fairs only to have a low number of students attend? Well now you can catch them where they live…on video-based websites. With a Candid Career “Company Profile Page” you can save both time and money while capturing the attention of the students you want. With this product, you can feature employee video interviews and profiles, job description videos, news videos/clips, internship information, job openings, and more. Be there with your best foot forward when our student users are beginning their company search!

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Why CandidCareer.com?


The main mission of Candid Career is to share information that acts as online career guidance for students or job candidates who are working to better understand their career goals and options. We do not achieve this through long-winded videos that are difficult to relate to and difficult to sit through. Rather, we adhere to the philosophy that short and concise career exploration videos featuring industry professionals sharing honest career tips is the most valuable way to learn about a lot of jobs in a short amount of time. Discovering career tips and professional insight is an important educational step in the job search process, and our videos offer that through convenient, online career guidance.

The responsibility of providing online career guidance to students and job seekers is not one that we take lightly. The individuals featured in our career exploration videos have successfully maneuvered the requirements of their particular field. They wake up every day and they live the job. That type of perspective, career tips directly from industry professionals, carries weight and should be viewed as the most relevant online career guidance for students and job seekers. For example, if you want to know what it’s like to be a Chef, listen to a Chef!

In addition to job specific career tips and insights, our platform also offers what we call our Get Hired videos. These videos provide advice on how to land that career and tips on topics such as interviewing, networking, resume writing, professionalism and much more. Once you use our career exploration videos to decide what path to take, reference our Get Hired videos to help you land that dream job!


Thousands of 1–3 minute video interviews from professionals in a wide variety of careers and from multiple backgrounds.


Interviewees share insights and practical advice about their jobs, including the education, training, skills, aptitudes, and experience necessary to succeed in their fields.


Real people sharing real experiences; you can’t get any closer to the truth!


Available 24/7 and anywhere Internet is! Its easy navigation and robust search capabilities allow users to quickly find informative career interviews that match their interests.


New videos for existing and emerging occupations are added weekly. All videos are filmed and edited in-house.


Single Sign-On Access with usage statistics. Social media friendly. Embed Codes for flexible video sharing. Works on smart phones and notebooks!

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Benefits of CandidCareer.com

A fun and efficient way to explore careers! Similar in nature to YouTube.

Discover career fields you did not even know existed and learn what it takes to get there.

Use the "Get Hired" advice for internship or job interview preparation

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Who Are the People In The Videos?

The interviewees are individuals who agreed to share their thoughts and experiences for the benefit of our candidcareer.com users. They are not actors!! These are real professionals from a wide array of career fields in various states across the country.

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