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What pain point does Candid Career solve?

Candid Career provides an extensive video library that can add to your career center’s existing arsenal of career exploration tools or be integrated into presentations, seminars, and other existing services. With the option for school branding, Candid Career also works as a more convenient and effective standalone resource than other career help websites.

Students engage with video content more willingly than print and benefit from 24/7 access to career help through websites available on both phones and desktops. Schools that use Candid Career find that they are able to help students not physically present on campus, including online students, study abroad participants, and alumni. When students ask, "where can I find career information?" Candid Career videos are an excellent place to start.

What do your students think?

“Fun" and "relatable" are two of the most common ways students describe Candid Career videos. The short video format keeps students engaged, but the content also plays a major role, giving students a unique opportunity to hear from industry professionals around the country. Having a resource where you can find career information directly from those professionals gives students first-hand insight from a reliable source.

Once students are aware of the Candid Career resource, they use it frequently. Schools that track analytics for their online resources find that Candid Career outperforms other online career help websites.

Why choose video?

Video is an engaging format for college students and any age group today. Short, value-packed interview clips keep students' attention. . Even the busiest student has time to pull up our career help website on their phone or computer and watch a one-minute video. While print materials remain helpful, students need a resource where they can find career information via video, a medium they already consume for both work and pleasure.

What is unique about Candid Career?

Described as "extremely extensive," Candid Career’s video library gives students the opportunity to explore options they didn't even know existed. All videos are kept current and up-to-date and the library continues to grow. Counselors report that our videos are not "one size fits all," have relevant content for every type of student. Any student can find career information that is useful for their current stage of career exploration.

What is your favorite feature?

Candid Career users enjoy a variety of features, from our advanced search capabilities to our easy video sharing options. Users have the option to search by keyword and apply filters by topic, major, or career title to find career information related to their area of interest. . Each video also comes with a sharing URL that enables counselors to direct students to specific content or share videos through email. Embedding capabilities take it one step further allowing schools to strategically integrate specific videos on their own websites. Our videos can also be displayed in presentation slides, marketing materials, and shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We also offer a school-branded version of the platform, which counselors report provides a sense of school pride among students and alumni. As far as career help websites go, Candid Career is as unique and effective as they come!

How did you increase usage?

While students are eager to use Candid Career videos once they are aware of it, our clients increased usage with measures ranging from social media campaigns to tailored web pages with embedded videos. Sharing our career help content on social media, websites and emails is quick and easy. Professors and career center staff can easily integrate relevant videos into lesson plans. Our videos can even supplement an already-robust website or expand on lessons in follow-up emails to students.

Why choose Candid Career?

Wide audience reach, flexible subscription packages, and quality videos with valuable content are just a few of the reasons clients mention when explaining why our service is a good fit. Students of all types find our video interviews and career advice videos helpful. They can find relevant career information and complete the research on their own terms and at their own pace, making the process convenient and fun. Career counselors appreciate the reinforcement provided by our content and the option to supplement existing career help websites with new fresh media.


"CandidCareer has been a lifeline for us here at Adelphi University, especially during online instruction! Adelphi's connection to CandidCareer remains strong, as the service has been an accompaniment to Career Center resources for several years. I am constantly referring students to your site." –Elaine Boylan, Adelphi University Career Development Professional

“Candid Career’s School Branded Version (AlumNet) allows us to expand the ways that students and alumni learn about careers. The videos not only inform about careers but also model effective interviewing for information in manner that connects with current students and recent graduates. The staff and students who have used this tool have given us positive feedback. The Candid Career staff have been professional and easy to work with in the development of this product that enhances our services. We look forward to our continued partnership with Candid Career." –Cheryl Bonner, Director of Penn State Alumni Career Services

"There are other sources for career videos, but I choose Candid Career because of the structure of the videos themselves. Each career video provides consistent information which allows students to listen and compare/analyze what they have heard. Critical topics are addressed in every video that provides students a strong foundation for identifying career areas for additional research. Candid Career is a resource we are glad to provide to our students!" -Alease Copelin, Career Technology & Academic Counselor, Center High School (TX)

“I tend to use Candid Career with students who don't get the information they want from O*Net. It is nice to be able to skip to certain areas in the video (loves and challenges for example) and some students really prefer this mode (video) of learning about careers vs reading about it on a website.” –Stephanie Keeler, Career and Student Employment Advisor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

“Candid Career has been an excellent career exploration tool for students at The University of Georgia. The career profile interviews are diverse, informative, and easy to search, while providing valuable insight into a variety of career areas.” –Scott T. Williams, Executive Director of The University of Georgia Career Center

“Candid Career was able to immediately differentiate itself from its competitors based on the high quality of its content and video production. College students are a tough audience to reach--to grab their attention you have to provide the information they're looking for and package it in a way that makes them want to check it out. When it comes to careers, that's no small feat.” –Shawn Graham, Author, Former Director of MBA Career Services at University of Pittsburgh

“I think this is a very helpful resource for students. It would help when exploring careers and when preparing for an interview. It would also be very useful for coaching undecided students” –Alison (Vanderbilt University)

“I love it! Wish I had something like this 5 years ago!” –Annelise (Penn State Alum)

“Candid Career has been a vital resource on my job search. It has given me exposure to real professionals that have helped me decide the right career track for me.” –Dina (Johns Hopkins University)

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