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“Candid Career’s School Branded Version (AlumNet) allows us to expand the ways that students and alumni learn about careers. The videos not only inform about careers but also model effective interviewing for information in manner that connects with current students and recent graduates. The staff and students who have used this tool have given us positive feedback. The Candid Career staff have been professional and easy to work with in the development of this product that enhances our services. We look forward to our continued partnership with Candid Career." –Cheryl Bonner, Director of Penn State Alumni Career Services

"We have been inserting some of the videos into our class presentations, and the students really respond well to them. Thanks again for a fun, informative, and user-friendly product!" -Bridget Holcombe, Director of Career & Internship Services, High Point University

“We have been using CandidCareer.com with all our college planning clients for nearly a year, and have found it to be an excellent resource. Students and parents are able to actively research potential careers with real-world information from people in that particular field. With a variety of search options to maximize results, CandidCareer.com allows our clients the flexibility to quickly and easily hone in on the desired material. I would strongly recommend CandidCareer.com for anyone looking to guide students to a great future.” –Judy S. Bennington, Ph.D, Director of Educational Services at College Planning Advisors

“Candid Career is a popular and useful resource for our students. There is a wide variety of videos available which are engaging and informative. We enjoy partnering with Candid Career, appreciate the good customer service, and look forward to continuing to offer this resource to our students.” –Barbara Thomson, Senior Project Coordinator at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Career & Interview Center

“I tend to use Candid Career with students who don't get the information they want from O*Net. It is nice to be able to skip to certain areas in the video (loves and challenges for example) and some students really prefer this mode (video) of learning about careers vs reading about it on a website.” –Stephanie Keeler, Career and Student Employment Advisor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

“The team at CandidCareer.com has been terrific, from initial inquiry to implementation. After utilizing the product for a year now, we are pleased with our student's utilization of the resource. We particularly appreciate how easy it is to view the usage data.” –Tracy Joinson, Coordinator Career Center at Palm Beach State College

“Candid Career has been an excellent career exploration tool for students at The University of Georgia. The career profile interviews are diverse, informative, and easy to search, while providing valuable insight into a variety of career areas.” –Scott T. Williams, Executive Director of The University of Georgia Career Center

“Candid Career was able to immediately differentiate itself from its competitors based on the high quality of its content and video production. College students are a tough audience to reach--to grab their attention you have to provide the information they're looking for and package it in a way that makes them want to check it out. When it comes to careers, that's no small feat.” –Shawn Graham, Author, Former Director of MBA Career Services at University of Pittsburgh

“I love the product and think it's incredibly user-friendly. The majority of my appointments with students include the suggestion and explanation of informational interviews and this product not only provides an easy to follow format for conducting interviews, but also is chock full of real and informative data.” –Amy Fraser, Assistant Director of Career Services at Armstrong Atlantic State University

“The idea of showing students video clips of professionals in various career fields is a great way to expose them to new options and students have been very excited about the site when our counselors tell them about it.” –Laurie Davis, Director of Career Development Center at Yeshiva University

“I think this is a very helpful resource for students. It would help when exploring careers and when preparing for an interview. It would also be very useful for coaching undecided students” –Alison (Vanderbilt University)

“I love it! Wish I had something like this 5 years ago!” –Annelise (Penn State Alum)

“Candid Career has been a vital resource on my job search. It has given me exposure to real professionals that have helped me decide the right career track for me.” –Dina (Johns Hopkins University)

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