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If you have any questions about our product or your subscription, please feel free to reach out to us via email, phone call, or through our CandidCareer Facebook page. Please email us: or call us at 240-466-6049. We would love to hear from you! is here to support growth, confidence, and success. Whether you are searching for your dream job, looking for a way to communicate industry tips and tricks to your students, or trying to find a recruiting method that yields qualified candidates, our products are designed to meet your needs. We recognize that there are different motivations for our users, and often our unique users develop their own individualized questions. We want to be there for you when you do have questions.

Our founders, Neilye Garrity and Billy Glading, are passionate about the career exploration opportunities we offer to individuals, the career counseling techniques we provide to schools, and the company video profiles we build for businesses.

As an educational organization, it is our goal to supply you with a comprehensive online resource that details more information about the vast professional world from multiple, dynamic perspectives. That includes addressing any of your concerns or questions that you may have about the services we offer or the product you have enjoyed. We want you to benefit from the career information videos, school branded video pages, and company video profiles, so if you have a suggestion for how we can enhance your experience to make our product more valuable, please feel free to contact us via email or call us at 240-466-6049.