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Candid Career is the leader in offering career education and advice for students and job seekers through the videotaping of actual industry professionals. By leveraging videos of subject matter experts, we can help your school or business achieve its education and marketing goals.


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For Schools

We offer thousands of videos that allow you to select the videos that meet your student’s needs. By carefully designing our videos to embody career center best practices and advice we act as a natural extension of existing on-campus career counseling. The degree of professionalism we offer through our videos helps with the career center’s image as we offer career advice for students through a unified lens.

Alumnet is our school branded product, and it establishes an interchange between current students and alumni. Our experience has shown that alumni have a natural connection to current students, and this connection can help them provide meaningful and relevant career advice and career education for students. The alumni are helping to give back to the respected school that gave them their start. In return, your students will benefit from an entire library of alumni informational interviews.

For Businesses

Today one of the most significant challenges facing businesses is the recruitment and retention of quality employees. We can help with this aspect of your business.

By creating a Candid Career profile page, you can capture the attention of potential employees in your area and nationwide. With your profile page, you can feature high performing current employees with video job descriptions that accurately explain the positions to interested parties.. We have found that leading with company and career education in this format helps to target and attract ideal candidates for hire. While students are seeking out the career education necessary for making an informed decision, you can put your company at the forefront of that exploration process.

Other items can also be included on your profile page , such as company news and internship information.

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