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Captain of the Internet, Customer Services/E-Commerce Manager

Oliver is the Captain of the Internet for Tessemae's All Natural Salad Dressing. He oversees all things internet related, from customer service and e-commerce orders to distribution and social media.

Major:  Political Science (Bachelor), Government (Bachelor), Sociology (Bachelor)
College:  University of Cape Town
Todd is the VP of Marketing and Field Operations for Tessemae's All-Natural Salad Dressing. His main task is to take the explosive energy within the walls of Tessemae's and bring it to the people!

Major:  International Business (Bachelor), Marketing (Bachelor)
College:  Lehigh University
Brendan is the Chief Financial Officer of Tessemae's All Natural Salad Dressing Company based out of Baltimore, MD.

Major:  Accounting (Bachelor), Finance (Bachelor)
College:  James Madison University
Sheila is the Chief of Staff for Tessemae's All-Natural Salad Dressing. Among her many tasks in this position is to be the company founder's right hand. Sheila keeps the rapidly-growing organization running as effectively as possible!

Major:  Religious Studies (Bachelor), African American Studies (Bachelor), Hospitality Management (Masters)
College:  University of Virginia, Cornell University (Masters)
Katie is in charge of human resources and recruitment for Tessemae's All-Natural Salad Dressing. When she isn't overseeing the company's general HR tasks such as benefits and employee onboarding, Katie is on the road recruiting for Tessemae's internal positions.

Major:  Social Work (Bachelor), Human Service Management (Masters)
College:  Frostburg State University, McDaniel College (grad)