General Practitioner Veterinarian, Healing Hands Animal Hospital

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Kristin is a General Practitioner in the Veterinary field at Healing Hands Animal Hospital in Salisbury, Maryland. She has had an affinity for animals since her youth; Kristin says that this love, coupled with her love of science is what inspired her to become a veterinarian. The medical field of veterinary science is very competitive as there as only twenty eight veterinary schools in the United States. According to her, the work is very strenuous, whether it be examining animals or interacting with customers due to the business aspect of the practice. However, the tough road to becoming a veterinarian is worth is the reward of helping animals stay healthy.

Salary & Industry Outlook:
Occupational Outlook Handbook, ONET
Major: Biology (Bachelor)

College: Muhlenberg College

City: Salisbury

State: Maryland