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How to Become a Music Producer

Part 3: How to get started

In the first part of this series we covered the basics of what a music producer is and the paths to get there. And then in the second article we went over the skills you need to build. Now it's time to learn more about the steps you need to take to really start a career in music production. 



How to get started as a music producer: 


1. Get a digital recording set up


Nowadays you can set up a personal recording studio for a fraction of the cost. There's really no excuse to not have some recording equipment of your own. Renting equipment or studio time is going to be expensive. So invest in your career and learn as much as you can. There's plenty of online guides to help you out along the way. 



2. Check Craigslist and other music sites for people  


Find local people that need help or are looking to collaborate. Bands and musicians are often looking for new people to collaborate with. Your probably not going to get paid much or anything at all in the beginning, but if you demonstrate value then you will start to build a good reputation for yourself. 



3. Research music and learn from history of the industry - interview people


There's A LOT of music out there. Listen and learn from as much of it as possible. And don't just stick to a few genres. The more exposure you get the better. Learn how albums were created and the stories behind them. There's a huge amount of documentaries and books on musical history. 



4. Find a niche and specialize

You're never going to be good at everything. You should have a general knowledge of all the important areas, but to really stand out you should try to have at least one specialty. Try to find the intersection between something you are passionate about and there's also a real business need.