Human Performance Lab Coordinator, National Training Center
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Exercise Physiologist
Karl is the Human Performance Lab Coordinator at the National Training Center in Orlando, Florida. Working with a wide range of clients from weekend-warrior amateurs to triathletes and olympians. Asides from crafting training plans and overseeing sessions, Karl also...

Human Performance Lab Coordinator, National Training Center

Video has become a popular tool in marketing, but how has your school or business used it to help promote career paths? Evidence shows that video is an effective way to engage online audiences and share valuable information. So what would happen if you used this approach to provide career insight and advice to job seekers?

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A service like offers schools and companies the ability to access our online library of thousands of career videos, or have your own branded videos created by our professional film crew. For the individual seeking career guidance, our videos cover virtually any industry, and provide relevant job details and advice to help you choose a career and be successful in it.

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Creating quality career videos that provide career guidance to students and job seekers requires expertise.  Candid Career gives industry professionals the opportunity to speak openly about what they do and why they do it.  This standard of first-hand knowledge is what makes our career videos so effective for individual job seekers, schools wanting to modernize their career resources, and companies looking to attract top-level talent!

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    — Scott T. Williams, Executive Director of The University of Georgia Career Center

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